littlegg // web + print design studio


About the agency.

Littlegg is an agency created in 2010 with the idea to cover the needs from design and programming for all of its clients.

In it littlegg gathered web designers, programmers and graphic designers ready actively and dedicatedly to involve in settling of each problem laid to us by our clients.

Two are the main rules which make littlegg still more successful in the last 3 years and namely we develop each project with the idea that it is our own product and the second very important rule is that when we work on a specific project the team of client and our team become one team.

We have worked with many different types of clients which make us very flexible and we can easily enter into and solve your problems.

We also work with other advertising agencies and if you are agency and you need help we will be glad to say ‘Hello, can you help us with ….’

Way of work.

Definition of the taskWe search the base in order to understand who you are, what you do and what your task is.

ResearchWe begin each one of the projects through analyzing and research of the competition and the environment in which our client is.

Design, Project work, TestsAfter the strategy and the tasks are available begins the performing process and the real creation of the final product.

FinalThis is the best part presentation of our work is in front of you. From here begins the second step for one product its development and love from the public.


littlegg from inside.

We love our work and we are good at what we do, but in order to create the best product for you we need a creative environment. We have created one of the most fabulous sites for creative ideas and we want to show a couple of pictures from it.